Call for Papers / Topics

Call For Papers

HRESDE2017 aims to bring together experts, young researchers professionists.

Types of papers submission to the conference are:

Types of presentationTimes of presentationPaper length
Keynote speakers20 - 30 minutes8 to 15 pages
Oral presentation10 - 15 minutes4 to 8 pages
Poster, e-poster presentation 3 to 6 pages
Sponsor presentation5 min / exhibition1 page






Linguistics perspectives

New trends in Albanian Linguistics

New areas in the science of Albanology

Albanian Language and challenges in global development

Anthropology, culture and society in the Albanian context

Arts & Culture

History of art

Heritage in art

Cultural trends

Arts & Education 

Innovations and creativity

Heritage and development

Art in social and cultural context

The perception and understanding of arts

Development of arts & culture in the region and the global development


Long life learning

Effective pedagogy

Management education

Competencies in education

Role of leadership in education

Embracing the 21st-century skills

Pedagogy, curriculum and instruction.

Interdisciplinary liberal arts education

New methods in teaching and learning 

Research and innovations in education

Evaluation and assessment in education

New technologies in teaching and learning

Inclusive classrooms and curriculum considerations

Education challenges and development for the future

Achievements and challenges in the development of ICT in education, in Albania, the region and beyond

Essential skill sets: creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, technological proficiency 

Quality assurance in higher education

Improvement of standards in higher education

Global trends of development of nonpublic education

Academic freedom, autonomy and social responsibility

Policies, good governance and leadership in higher education

Accreditation and measuring performance in higher education

Information and Communication Technology

ICT in education

ICT in society

ICT in humanities

Design and Multimedia

Information management

ICT in applicative sciences

Data and software programming

Database and Information Systems

Information society, knowledge society

e business, e commerce, e government, e learning, e participation, e democracy


Judiciary Reform and Constitutional Review.

Approach and Harmonization of EU law.


History today

Museum today

History of religion

Applied linguistics

Children's literature

History and tradition

Language acquisition

Contemporary library

Theoretical linguistics

Literature in global age

Linguistics perspectives

Language and education

Contemporary translating

Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Dimensions of English Studies

English Language Teaching as a Means of Promoting Progressive Values

Learning English and Learning through English: Policies, Challenges and Prospects

Foreign languages teaching: Arts, Science and Culture.

Aspects of metodology in foreign languages teaching.

Intercultural elements inclusion in foreign languages teaching

Error studing in intercultural and linguistic situations about foreign languages teaching

Management, Business and Economy

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Sustainable tourism  & Eco-Tourism

Cultural & Heritage Tourism

Information Technology in Tourism and Hospitality

Financial stability, financial risk and financial crises

Corporate finance and banking

Portfolio management and trading

Accounting, financial reporting and regulations

Fiscal adoption and accounting regulations

The challenges of business management in terms of global competitiveness

Changes in the EU and challenges they bring to the business management

Small and medium business management


Economics and development

Social Sciences

Family & marriage

Social reintegration

Social network analysis

Gender politics and discourses

Ethic in psycho-social research

Issues of identity and globalization

Studies on organizations, work and profession

Social services and support for vulnerable groups

New social disparities/social and economic change

Social services and support for vulnerable categories

Social accountability, collective behavior and social movements

Researches on psychology of education, social, health, organization

Professional communication in social environment and innovations techniques

Challenges and perspectives of psychological services and social work profession

Psycho-social development and its impact on individual and collective well-being

Ecology , health and safaty environment

Marine and Fresh Water quality-Fishery

Air, water, soil pollution and Biomonitoring

Climate change and environmental dynamics

Ecotourism and ecological impact of tourism

Solid waste management

Water quality

Environmental changes

Environmental management and sustainability

Natural resources and management

General health, medical care, general and specific nursing skills/midwife and physiotherapy

Innovation in technical medical science

Research and innovation in technical medical science education

Advanced nursing practice /midwife/physiotherapy and global perspectives

Nursing/midwife/physiotherapy education and international trends