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On the occasion of 60 th Anniversary of Shkodra University “Luigj Gurakuqi”, we have the great pleasure to invite scholars, researcher and graduate students to participate to this Interdisciplinary Conference in partnership with Albanian Academy of Science and many universities in Europe and USA, by representing their scientific work. 

Shkodra is a two thousand year old city, one of the oldest in Albania with rich culture and traditions, important center of Illyrian civilization. The city that carries a long early history often wearing the garb of myths and legends was called Scodra. It was originally built near two rivers, Buna and Drin but in this city there are crossed cultures and traditions. It is full visit to natural and cultural places which is worth visiting it. Visiting Shkodra on this period would be an unforgettable experience for you.

The structure of the Conference:

- Opening Conference/Plenary Session

- Panel/Section Presentations/Poster/e Poster

- Round tables

- Workshops

Forms of the presentation:

- Oral presentations (in person),

- Poster,

- e-Poster for virtual participation

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Conference Fee

Registration Types Before 30 September 2017 After 30 September 2017
Regular Participant 50 € 70 €
Master Student 40 € 60 €
Doctoral Student 40 € 60 €
Registration (Conference bag) 30 € 30 €
Student Attendant (Certificate) 20 € 20 €

Conference Registration

Thank you to all those who have registered to attend the HRESDE conference in Shkodra on 17-19 November. Registration is now closed for the conference.



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